Monday, December 1, 2008

Use mouse to cut and paste text in Mac OSX Terminal

Whoa, happy days are here again! I have, accidentally I have to admit, got cut and paste using the mouse to work in Mac OSX Terminal app.
I has always been a little annoyed over the fact that I need to do a command-c + command-v to copy and paste text in Terminal App. When working on Unix, or using PuTTY under windows, cut and paste is handled by mouse clicks, and this is so much more convenient than using the finger-streching command keys. However, I have never got this to work under OSX - until now. It turned out that the Terminal App has always been able to do cut-n-paste using the mouse but since I use a Microsoft keyboard-mouse combo, and have installed the Microsoft Intellipoint drivers, the middle key is remapped by default to "Next Application". Changing this to "Handled by Mac OS" re-enables the cut-n-paste functionality. Shame on you Microsoft.

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